Drive Train Sanity Check

So you've designed a belt drive compatible frame?

Does your selected belt drive make sense? We developed this tool so you can “sanity check” your specifications for the bicycle design you intend to bring to market.

Input your application parameters, then choose the low and high cadence values that will be used to calculate corresponding bicycle speeds for your hub choice and it’s gearing limits.

You can generate as many rows of results as you wish and use the email field below to have the data emailed to you as a convenient CSV File.

Wheel Size

Tire Size

Crank Size

Hub / Gearbox

Front Sprocket

Rear Sprocket

Low Cadence

High Cadence

Please make a selection for each component.
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W Size T Size Crank Size Hub / Gearbox Front S Rear S Cadence L Cadence H V low kph V high kph V low mph V high mph

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